Albert the Alien Vol 4: Space Bullies from Mars

Created by Trevor

The final volume of Albert the Alien! The epic adventure of the first foreign exchange student from another planet ends here!

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The Cover has arrived
over 1 year ago – Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 09:27:11 AM

Volume 4 cover - roughs
Volume 4 cover - roughs

 In the video for this Kickstarter, I talked about still waiting on the cover. Well, good news everyone! The cover has arrived. 

Gabe asked me - as he always does - what we should put on the cover for this volume. I new we had done jetpacks on volume 1, robots on volume 2, creepy things on volume 3...and while volume 4 has all of those things, it also has SPACE! So we put the kids in space, and had fun with it. 

Above are the roughs Gabe submitted to me prior to putting the finishing touches on this thing. He loved the idea of Wally having the alien school supplies in his helmet, harassing him while they float around. 

We also went back and forth about what planet to feature on the cover. Since the title is "Space Bullies from Mars," he figured we should have Mars be the hero planet. But I said the story is about saving Earth, so Earth should be the hero planet...but we can put Mars in the picture. So we did. 

Here's the finished cover image, which I'll also use to update the Kickstarter feed!

Volume 4 cover - finished
Volume 4 cover - finished

43% funded in the first 24 hours!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 07:15:54 PM

Space Pirate Captain is happy fer yer plunder!
Space Pirate Captain is happy fer yer plunder!

 In the first 24 hours, you guys have gotten this campaign 43% funded! CONGRATULATIONS! 

As a special thank you, we have unlocked the first campaign milestone - a free digital download of the volume 1 cover by series artist Gabo! These digital prints make excellent backgrounds for your mobile and tablet devices, or as cool art to print out and hang on your wall! 

We're only 7% away from the next milestone. Also, we're doing a live stream tonight here on Kickstarter at 8:30pm central time (CST), where I will answer your questions and talk about the series. 

Can't attend the live stream at that time? Send me your questions early (by commenting on this update), and I'll answer them for you anyway. The video will be live for an additional 48 hours. 

Thank you again for such a strong first day, and I can't wait to connect with you guys tonight!